Can God Be Trusted?

By Elaine Starner



About two-thirds of the way through writing this book, I was inclined to quit.
But, like the songwriter David, I can tell you that my Creator Father lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of mud and mire. He set me on solid ground, steadied me as I walked along, and gave me a new song to sing.
And so, fellow pilgrim, this book does not intend to wheedle, manipulate, or coax you to hope and trust in my Heavenly Father.
It’s only purpose is to share with you the One who has given me new life.
May it be an encouragement to your own hope.
– Elaine


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Elaine Starner grew up on a farm in a quiet, rural area that has now become a busy tourist destination—Ohio’s Amish Country. In previous seasons of life, she has been a teacher and has also worked in the offices of a large building-supply company. She is now a freelance writer and editor who enjoys walks at dawn, laughs with good friends, Spirit connections, the blessings and miracle of grandchildren, good books, and the beauty and people of downeast Maine, a place that nourishes her spirit.

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