Cathedrals, Castles, & Caves

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By Marcus A. Yoder



Cathedrals, Castles, & Caves follows the timeline from Christ to the birth of Anabaptism. Catch a glimpse of why men such as Felix Manz and Conrad Grebel were willing to lay down their lives for a Kingdom that was greater than any earthly empire. Discover the real reason they were such a drastic threat to the social, political, and religious order of the day.
Marcus A. Yoder, with his passion to preserve Anabaptist history, reveals the inception of a movement that changed not only the world in which it began but also our lives today. Writing in layman’s terms, he will take you on a journey from the Early Church to the Reformation. Discover why the weider-tauffer (re-baptizers) felt the need to break away from the established church to follow a path that was paved with persecution and martyrdom.
The pathway of history leads straight to our doorstep; the better we understand the past, the clearer the journey ahead.

8 reviews for Cathedrals, Castles, & Caves

  1. J.S.

    I finished reading your book last week. I really enjoyed it. It whetted my appetite for more reading on church history.

  2. A.S.

    I read Cathedrals, Castles, & Caves. Especially like clarifying three core issues! Also, as a history teacher, I connected strongly to your purpose of studying history messages.

  3. Anonymous

    I read your book this past week and really appreciate your work. I hope it gets wide readership in the Amish Mennonite and larger Christian community.

  4. L.M.

    So much of the Anabaptist history (at least that I read) is written from an increasingly narrow USA Mennonite perspective, so it’s refreshing to have literature which represents the broader North American Anabaptist community.

  5. H.G.

    I enjoyed your Cathedrals, Castles, Caves. Very readable, fast-moving. The descriptions of the printing press and paper process were quite interesting. The volume is testimony to the perseverance of those of strong convictions and beliefs under persecution and martyrdom, from Zurich to Passau. I think it difficult for non-religious “gentiles” to understand the nuances and intensity of the belief systems of the Anabaptist groups, but respect their freedom to practice those beliefs.

  6. W. Wengerd

    Hands-down, this is the best book I have read on the Anabaptists. Most of them have way too much detail for a person (like me) that doesn’t hold this subject at a high level of interest. Marcus hit the high points, but (best of all) filled in the underlying background with just enough detail to make it interesting and still make sense of all the dynamics. Thanks for giving me the book. It was a good read.

  7. KL

    Finished Marcus’s book on the beach! Soooo good!
    I was at some of those places about 10 yrs. ago so it was very real.
    Can’t wait for next one!

  8. TM

    I love history but it is the first time a history book has made me cry! Please let me know when volume two is available because my name is on the first copy!

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Marcus A. Yoder is the Executive Director of the Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center and the Ohio Amish Library and is active in preaching, teaching, and writing in the Mennonite Church. In 2010, Marcus graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in history from Ohio State University and, in 2015, acquired a Master’s Degree in the History of Christianity from Yale University.
Marcus lives with his wife Norita in the heart of Ohio’s Amish country; he enjoys reading, writing, painting, and collecting books for his already extensive library.


The world needs to know about Anabaptism, a vibrant Christian tradition that rejects militarism and many other traits of modern society. Marcus Yoder tells their story beautifully.

-Dr. Richard Shiels: Professor Emeritus, The Ohio State University; Newark Earthworks Center.


Yoder’s easy-to-read, storytelling writing style offers a refreshing look at our Amish-Mennonite historical background. All, from novice to scholar, will benefit from reading this first volume.

-Wayne R. Miller: Author, Archivist, Ohio Amish Library


This volume presents a fresh perspective on the beginnings of Anabaptism. The reader’s understanding is greatly broadened to consider the religious, cultural, and political conditions that existed before and during that time.

-Edward Kline: Historian; Editor -Songs of the Ausbund

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