Facing The Future

By Elaine Starner

Releasing April 28, 2020



None of us can know what our lives will be even one hour from now.
We can’t predict—much less control—the future.
Worry about tomorrow can eat holes in us, and we completely lose any joys, blessings, and energy of today. The enemy wants to destroy our peace, our relationships, and especially our faith and courage, and he wins a little bit of ground when he whispers fear about tomorrow.
As we face the future, the Creator Father wants us to know He is committed to His children.
Our lives are not flimsy wisps of smoke that drift away and serve no purpose. We are not walking into a random, coincidental future. We are part of God’s eternal plan. It is His future. We can exchange fretting and fear for a peace that stands guard over our hearts and minds.

Even though we can’t see the road ahead, there are certainties in the future that our hope can know.


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