For Room and Board

By Phil Barkman



A Memoir of Atlee Barkman
For Room and Board is not a story of a young boy’s hard life; it’s the story of a hard life shaping a young boy. Sent away from home at five years old to work for room and board, Atlee’s life was a roller coaster of mishaps, misfortunes, and adventures.
Don’t miss his unexpected arrival into the world, an unpleasant encounter with an electric fence, or the horse race gone awry.
Atlee had every reason in the world to be a bitter man, but by the grace of God, he went from being a rough and restless youth to being a loving husband, father, and leader.


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Phil Barkman is the editor for Just Plain Values magazine. His mom introduced him to the world of books at an early age, and he discovered a love of writing while pursuing his culinary interests in Phoenix, AZ. He enjoys cooking, the great outdoors, and World War II history.


Impressive book! From the first paragraph, I knew that I would enjoy reading For Room and Board about the life of the father of my friend Phil Barkman. The book is a tribute to the transforming love of Jesus Christ that reaches out to all man-kind. Mental pictures flooded my mind on every page as I read the life stories that made the man, Atlee Barkman. This was a man who did not use hardship as an excuse for bitterness but rather as a building block to character. So well-written is the account of this man’s life that I felt myself grieving at the first mention of his deteriorating health. I wish that I could have known him — someday I will.

-Martin Mann


An inspiring story of a man I have always admired. Atlee lived in an era of hard times and experienced difficult life situations. His legacy shows the powerful effect of our choices and points to the overwhelming grace of God! Well-written, and a very good read.

-Gaylord Barkman


What a wonderful story of family, faith, determination, and courage! A great picture of how the love of God changes the hearts of men and women.

-Bill and Jessie Kraft


Lots of tears and smiles while reading this book. A truly heart-gripping, accurate account of a dear friend of mine. Love you a lot, Atlee Barkman.

-Alan Raber

I did not know Atlee as a young boy, but in later years I got to know him quite well, mostly as a taxi driver, but also as a minister. I remember that when our church was within walking distance from his place, he would walk over to church. After the service, we discussed a lot of Scripture while eating lunch. Atlee had a great concern for the church, but also a good sense of humor.

-“Pepper” Andy Miller


Ok, read the book! I couldn’t stop! Cried in chapter fourteen! Laughed out loud in eighteen! A roller coaster ride of emotion in all. The Santa story is my favorite, the perfect attendance award a close second! This book made me proud to have known this man, Atlee Barkman.

-Naomi Miller


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