Getting Through Today

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By Elaine Starner



“Lord, help! I need help!”
That’s probably my most-oft-uttered prayer. The second-most frequent
Is “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
My journey through this life has many stretches of bumpy roads, puzzling detours, and even sojourns in grim wilderness. I needed to know: What difference does it make to believe in a living God? Followers of Jesus may believe in a perfect life coming someday in the future, but what about today? How do I get through today?
This book is a collection of reflections on what my hope knows about today.
You’ll soon discover that I don’t have all the answers, but I’d like to point you to the One who does. Let’s just call this a conversation between pilgrims on the way home.
– Elaine

5 reviews for Getting Through Today

  1. J. H., Lubec, Maine

    I’ve enjoyed reading daily installments from Getting Through Today – what a great title! It says it all, and I sometimes need to be reminded not to trudge through the day, but to dance in anticipation of great things. Thanks for putting a spring back in my step with the confident expectation Christ provides.

  2. D.B., Phoenix, AZ

    These pages bring HOPE into our everyday lives. I am thankful that Elaine chose to follow the Spirit’s leading and pen these hope-filled messages. The reader will find these four books to be inspirational and filled with Scripture, yet easy to read.

  3. IL

    An excellent job of pointing readers to Jesus and the incredible promises in the Word.

  4. Jewett, Ohio

    I am enjoying my journey through these pages – aren’t we blessed to have a loving heavenly Father who knows and loves us and a Savior, Jesus Christ, who stands beside us along life’s sometimes rocky paths.

  5. Carolyn Henderson, Starboard, Maine

    What a challenge every day… So easy for me to see reminders in each lesson of my need to trust.

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Elaine Starner grew up on a farm in a quiet, rural area that has now become a busy tourist destination—Ohio’s Amish Country. In previous seasons of life, she has been a teacher and has also worked in the offices of a large building-supply company. She is now a freelance writer and editor who enjoys walks at dawn, laughs with good friends, Spirit connections, the blessings and miracle of grandchildren, good books, and the beauty and people of downeast Maine, a place that nourishes her spirit.

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