Lena’s Boys

By Frank Yoder



At the count of three, they let ’er go, and go it did; there was no time for Mom’s prize rooster to get his small flock safely out of harm’s way.

In the pages of Lena’s Boys, Frank Yoder will give you a glimpse of what it was like to be the youngest of four brothers growing up with a widowed mother. Life wasn’t always easy on the County Line road close to Kalona, Iowa, but his mother’s simple faith provided a secure and happy childhood.

Step into the stories about wishing for a Christmas puppy, running over Mom’s prize rooster with a Radio Flyer wagon, and a fly ball that didn’t come down for three days.

Told in a sentimental and sometimes humorous way, these stories will leave you dreaming of a simpler time.


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Frank Yoder is from the small town of Kalona, IA. He and his wife, Ada, were the owners of Old Homestead Photos for thirty years and were involved in prison ministry for nearly thirty years. While enjoying a rewarding career in photography, Frank steadily honed his skill as a wordsmith. In his retirement, Frank enjoys writing, flowers, and time with his family and friends.

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